Pens and Writing

The Right Tools for the (Writing) Trade

There is something powerful about the written word, wouldn’t you agree?

When pen is put to paper – when ebony ink or cerulean blue curves take shape on those measured lines, there is something powerful in that creation. Writing has the ability to manifest your thoughts into reality. It has the ability to take a notion and give it some concrete form. Often writing down your ideas, your scribbles, and seemingly senseless ramblings is the first step to creating something grander than you may have imagined.

But to anyone who considers himself, herself, or themselves a writer, myself included, having the right tools for the (writing) trade is a necessity. And this necessity can lead to a (possibly unhealthy… lol) obsession with all things writing. Notebooks, journals, diaries, and agendas are high up on that list, but what’s just as important is the writing utensil itself.

So, what is the best writing utensil? The saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword, and the perfect pen can be inspiration enough to get those creative juices flowing. With the holiday season rolling around the corner, a quality pen could be the ideal gift for the avid writer in your life – or maybe you are that writer.

But now the bigger conundrum, what’s the ideal pen? It’s different for everyone, but a pen that glides smoothly across the page, evenly distributes ink with no splotches or bleeding, and… it wouldn’t hurt if it could erase too… amiright? With all that in mind, the  FriXion brand of pens from the well-known company, Pilot, maybe the right fit.

The Black, Silver, & Neon FriXion LX Erasable Gel Pen by Pilot (Other colors available). Price: $44.23. Image Credit:

In particular, the FriXion LX Erasable Gel Pen has caught my eye… and I certainly wouldn’t mind if it was my stocking stuffer this year. (Cough, cough, nudge, nudge, wink, wink to any friends or family who may be reading out there). A bit luxurious, and coming in several colors from classic black, to modern silver, to an eye-popping neon green and more, the FriXion LX could be a good addition to any writer’s arsenal.

May it be a to-do list to keep your small, start-up business on track for the day.

A note to a loved one to stay motivated despite it all.

A quick blurb of a scene that will pan out into your next big script idea.

Or take, for example, some of the greatest minds of the black community to-date. From Maya Angelou’s heartfelt poetry, to the gut-wrenching Toni Morrison novel of one black girl’s self-deprecating idea of beauty, to forever capturing the spoken words of the first Black President, Barack Obama, and his awe-inspiring wife, Michelle – storytelling and writing are crucial to black culture and to human society.

Maya Angelou writing.
The ever inspiring, Maya Angelou, (1928 – 2014), renowned writer, singer, & civil rights activist. Image Credit:

Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright’s pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself and the quest for peace.

~ Maya Angelou

Writing has the power to manifest the abstract into reality, and that, if you think about it, is a powerful thing. What’s more, writing has the ability to bring change to the world or to tell tales that would go otherwise unheard.

So, for the novelists and the playwrights, the poets and the speech-makers, continue to share the power of words with the world at large. There is time and plenty of room for the next greats to inspire a new generation waiting on bated breath to read the stories you have to tell.

All you need is the right tools of the trade.

From one writer to another, keep on creating!

Now, I am curious… are you a pen or pencil person? What’s your favorite brand of notebooks? Or do you skip the old school ways and go straight to the keyboard? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?




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