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7 Fun, Positive, and Inspiring Social Media Accounts to Add to Your Timeline or Newsfeed

When it comes to social media, it seems as though there is no end to the number of new people, new trends, or new accounts to follow. Social media is a fast-paced, non-stop online world, and keeping up can seem nearly impossible. What’s more, often times you aren’t sure who or what to follow next. That is, of course, a personal choice, but it never hurts to look at a few suggestions, right?

With that in mind, here is a list of seven positive, inspiring, and fun social media accounts to add to your timeline or newsfeed. (Listed in no particular order…)

#1. Chocolate Covered Cosplay

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Confession… I love anime. A lot. I thought it would stop, it didn’t. It started in my preteens and has persisted into adulthood, and I have accepted that this is my life now. For those of you who love anime, manga, comics, conventions, cosplay, and everything connected to it, Chocolate Covered Cosplay may be right up your alley!

Far more active on their Facebook account than their Instagram, this page is run by a group of African American women, based out of Southern California, who enjoy sharing their passion, cosplay, and love with the rest of the world. However, it is not just about amazing outfits based on their favorite fictional characters, they also have adopted the mission to advocate for inclusivity – from embracing various body types to creating a safe place for all people of color – in the cosplay community.

The page shares photography of conventions, other amazing cosplayers, insights, facts about animation from around the world that relates to their message of inclusivity, and much more!

#2 The Crayon Case

If you have not already heard of this brand, then you may be missing out! The Crayon Case is a cruelty-free, black-owned makeup brand based out of New Orleans, Lousiana. Operated by CEO, Reynell Steward, who goes by the alias, @Supa_Cent, her brand celebrates vibrant makeup looks on all women who dare to be as bold as the hues of their eyeshadow. Recently, Steward enjoyed the success of her Cyber Monday sale on November 26, which earned a million dollars within its first 90 minutes of launching!

The most iconic product in the brand is the Box of Crayons Eyeshadow Palette, and yes… it looks exactly as it sounds. Featuring 18 bright, eyepopping shades, even its packaging is nostalgic of those Crayola boxes of crayons we all loved as children. What’s more, most the products in the brand pull their design concept from school supplies. From makeup brushes that look like number. 2 pencils to application sponges that resemble those giant pink erasers, Steward has streamlined her brand design to be not only recognizable but fun!

#3 Kherispoppin

Talk about a comeback story, this is the tale of Kheris Rogers, a girl who endured bullying from her peers because of her dark complexion. Embarrassed and humiliated, a family member reached out to social media to encourage the distraught girl and show her that there were plenty of people who understood and appreciated her natural beauty – and that there is no such thing as being too dark! Kheris spun that outreach into something positive, creating her t-shirt line, Flexin’ In My Complexion, which advocates for all Black children and adults to embrace their natural beauty and to feel confident in themselves.

Now, she is an icon and role model for little girls (and women) who have survived bullying, torment, and struggled with loving their own appearance. She has turned her story into inspiration and was recently featured in Teen Vogue’s, 21 Under 21class of 2018.

#4 JaydeKamille

Little Jayde’s career began all with a simple video of her as a toddler with her mother, Kerry Robinson, enjoying a little “salon talk” as Jayde attempted to brush her mommy’s hair. As she adorably repeats the last few words of each of her mother’s sentences, viewers enjoyed watching the mother-daughter bonding moment and her excited expressions as she learns she may be going to Seaworld to see the water and the animals!

Jayde is no longer a toddler, but still adorable, and her vocabulary has grown extensively. Her, her family (now including a baby sister), and their adventures can be followed on their Instagram page, but Jayde has now incorporated new content, aside from hair talk, into her repertoire.

Particularly, she is a little lover of books, and followers of her account get to enjoy first-hand, book reviews from Jayde, accompanied by her baby sister on occasion. She is still a vibrant, articulate girl with a personality that is hard not to love, but it is also fun to watch her share her opinions on these things she loves most… and the hair talk is still a thing, as she does hair product reviews from time to time, too!

#5 The Real Tarzann

Exotic animal lover, educator, and advocate, Mike Holston has been dubbed “The Real Tarzann,” and on a few occasions the new “Steve Erwin.” Based out of Miami, Florida, his entire account is dedicated to sharing his love and passion for exotic wildlife with the world, but what’s more, he is hoping that his love will encourage others to not only care but want to promote wildlife conservation.

Often he features videos of himself getting up close and very personal with his charges, from bathing with larger than man-sized snakes to bottle feeding jaguar cubs to sharing a kiss with a giraffe, when it comes to these animals boundaries are not a thing for Holston. However, it is this intimacy that takes some of the exotic-distance away from these animals and reminds followers that they are as deserving of love and protection as your beloved fur-baby (cat or dog) curled up next to you right now.

#6 FroBabies

Based out of Atlanta, GA, if this account does nothing more than make you smile, then it has served its purpose. Frobabies is an Instagram account that features videos and images of black children, babies, and families submitted by the families themselves to share with others. Even little Jayde Kamille (see number 4) has been featured on the account as an official FroBaby, and has sponsored some of their merchandise on her account.

Thinking back to Kheris Rogers (see number 3), this account serves as a way to promote and remind Black/African-American children of their beauty, value, and worth and aims to drive that message home for them as early as possible. However, it also does not hurt to simply enjoy videos of adorable babies laughing!

#7 Black Girl in Om

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I find it important to not approach my healing journey from the perspective that I am broken or fragmented anymore, but from the perspective that I am simply remembering my whole being. I am remembering the girl I was before the conditioning and trauma. I feel more myself than ever before, so in this moment, I want to cultivate self-fulfillment as we’re eyeing 2019. — Liana Naima (@liananaima), The Divine Alchemist, on our inaugural list celebrating 20 Black women creating spaces that help us breathe easy. She and dozens more powerful women were with us sharing in divine feminine energy yesterday at Heal Haus for our #BGIORootToRise Retreat ✨ Learn more about how this reiki practitioner overcame imposter syndrome to create her own healing platform … and how you can book an energy work session with her in Brooklyn ☝🏾 #LinkInBio

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Self-care is important. It is worth investing in and is a growing topic among women of color. Black Girl in Om is an Instagram account and website dedicated to promoting, “holistic wellness and inner beauty” in women of color. Founded by Twin Cities, Minnesota native, Lauren Ash, the brand’s team consists entirely of black women. Ash, herself, has been featured in Essence and declared one of the most important voices in the wellness industry by Shape.

The account often features inspiring and encouraging messages and beautiful photography of black women living in their element, uninhibited. Meanwhile, the website features articles from a variety of women from all walks of life who believe in the message of living their best lives and being true to themselves.

If you happen to be seeking inspiration to start your own wellness journey or simply want to incorporate a bit more positivity in your feed, this may be a worthwhile account to follow.

Well, there you have it… seven inspiring, positive, and fun social media accounts to spruce up your feed for the coming year. From putting a smile on your face to encouraging your best self, these accounts not only garner a huge following, but they also have dedicated messages their audience resonates with, which only adds to their loyalty.

So, who are you following these days? Anyone else worth adding to this list? Share your favorite accounts and feeds or just your ideas in the comments below.


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