Supa Cent Breaks Record with Charity

Beauty Mogul Sensation, Supa Cent, Breaks Record in Amazing Act of Holiday Charity

How does one measure success or greatness? Is it by our job titles, the amounts in our bank accounts? Is it based on fame and notoriety? Perhaps, it is based on the number of degrees behind our names? Maybe it is all of these things… maybe it is none of those things.

Or perhaps, success can be measured by what we do for others – through acts of charity, more than what we have accomplished for ourselves.

Up and coming beauty mogul, Raynell Steward (@Supa_Cent), the CEO of the popular makeup company and brand, The Crayon Case, has garnered much success from her line of cosmetics. Especially when the brand earned over a million dollars in the first 90-minutes of its Cyber Monday sale this past November.

However, Steward’s name is making headlines again this week, not for makeup or money earned, but for an immense act of charity. Working in partnership with a fellow entrepreneur, Jesseca Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, which is also headquartered in New Orleans alongside The Crayon Case, Steward and Dupart have broken the Guinness World Record for the most toys given away within an hour at a charity event.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, the two women collected a grand total of 5,019 toys in what they called #NolaChristmas Toy Giveaway hosted in the Mercedes Benz Superdome this past Sunday. Their efforts broke the previous record of 3,000 toys being collected in an hour in Hong Kong. Tearfully and happily, Steward was presented with a plaque from the New Orleans Police department for her charitable act.

To add to her, already, altruistic deeds, Steward also gifted any leftover toys to the volunteers who assisted with the charitable event. With one volunteer, according to Atlanta Black Star, saying her Christmas shopping was done!

Steward’s story is truly one of the American dream coming true. Working as a waitress and housekeeper for years, she launched her cosmetic brand only a year ago in 2017. Using the following from her viral videos and having a lot of faith in her vision, she has grown into a role model and icon, showing that passion, determination, and hard work really can pay off.

Here is to the continued success of Steward and The Crayon Case, as well as to her kindness in giving back to her community. Taking Up Space is looking forward to continuing to follow Steward’s story and accomplishments in the year to come!

The holidays have a surprising way of moving people to acts of charity and kindness. In what ways do you or those you know give back to your community, especially during this time of year? Share your thoughts about Steward, her brand, her charity, or this blog post in the comments below.


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