Taking Up Space

The phrase, “taking up space,” is often used as a call to action for black people and other people of color to insist on being represented in places that they have been excluded from or minimally represented in the past. It is not only meant to encourage the black community to assert their presence but to also demand their voices be heard and equally valued. This is the inspiration behind the name and goal for Taking Up Space.

However, being so underrepresented, it can be difficult to imagine yourself in roles that have never or rarely been occupied by people who look like you. This is especially true for black youth. With that in mind, T.U.S. will share the stories of other black people who have aspired to and achieved their goals in fashion, television, business, and many other industries. This blog will explore options for career paths, education, creativity, or just living a life worth being proud of, and, ultimately, challenge the notion of what we as a people are capable of and show that there are so many options for us out there.

As a result, the mission of Taking Up Space is twofold: 1) to explore possibilities and 2) to motivate more black people to aspire to goals they may have never once considered. It is the goal of T.U.S. to see us “taking up space” in more unique, unexpected, and exciting ways.

I hope you enjoy and you find something to motivate you while you visit.

Adneisha R. White
Writer & Content Creator