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14 Powerful Quotes from Black Candidates from the 2018 Midterms

It was a heated midterm season, and opinions were extremely polarized. But it is all coming to an end, and the final votes are being tallied. Soon we will know the makeup of our congress for the next 2 years. What’s more, 2018 boasted an increase in black candidates, men and women alike. It also gave us some amazing one-liners from those candidates via debates, speeches, or in interviews.

Here is a quick round-up of powerful quotes, past and present, from black candidates who made headlines this 2018 Midterm season:Read More »

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A Midterm of “Firsts” : Meet 4 Political Candidates Positioned to Change History

Anyone with access to a phone, television, or with eyes that can see is aware of the midterm elections approaching this November 6, 2018. With opinions and political views polarized to one extreme or the other, there is a tension in the atmosphere that is almost impossible to ignore.

This year’s midterm election marks a momentous event with more black people and people of diverse backgrounds taking to the campaign trails and running to fill a number of vacant seats in Congress and even one in the presidential cabinet. What’s more, despite it being 2018, a number of these candidates have a chance at being the first in their desired position.

Here is a quick look at four political candidates running who could, potentially, be in our future history books!Read More »