Supa Cent Breaks Record with Charity

Beauty Mogul Sensation, Supa Cent, Breaks Record in Amazing Act of Holiday Charity

How does one measure success or greatness? Is it by our job titles, the amounts in our bank accounts? Is it based on fame and notoriety? Perhaps, it is based on the number of degrees behind our names? Maybe it is all of these things… maybe it is none of those things.

Or perhaps, success can be measured by what we do for others – through acts of charity, more than what we have accomplished for ourselves. Read More »

Pens and Writing

The Right Tools for the (Writing) Trade

There is something powerful about the written word, wouldn’t you agree?

When pen is put to paper – when ebony ink or cerulean blue curves take shape on those measured lines, there is something powerful in that creation. Writing has the ability to manifest your thoughts into reality. It has the ability to take a notion and give it some concrete form. Often writing down your ideas, your scribbles, and seemingly senseless ramblings is the first step to creating something grander than you may have imagined. Read More »